The Q-Touch Switch

Q-Touch is a modern Switch or dimmer based on a capacitive touch pad and remotely controlled by RF commands. It enables you to control the lighting system with Q-Touch Dimmers or Switches that have been installed in your house.

The Q-Touch home automation system is composed of touch sensitive switches and dimmers, a Q-Touch RF remote that sends and receives data by wireless commands and a Q-Touch Network that enables you to control the lights in your home from your mobile phone. With a capacity of 500 watts and 347 volts, the Q-Touch automation system can also be used to control other appliances in your home.

With the Q-Touch remote you can send and receive data by wireless commands from much farther away than with an ordinary remote control, even through walls that can block the signal. The interface of the Q-Touch remote can be configured by the users, to have their own control system according to their choice.

The Q-Touch Remote

Since you can give a name to all the dimmers and switches paired to your remote, it is easy to control any switch or dim any light in your house at your convenience. The easy to install Light Switches don’t require any electrical changes in your house. It’s as simple as plug and play. Equipped with Touch Dimming, Q-Touch project includes a real time command system for up to 50 Q-Touch Dimmers by using the smart remote control. The Touch screen interface allows for easy configuration and dimming control. You also get real time feedback of the state value of any selected switch. Many other options are available on the software, like a real time clock, keyboards to rename, add or remove any switch button.

You also have the possibility to turn on or off all of your switches with one simple command by using the “SELECT ALL” button and the + sign to turn on all switches or – sign to turn them off.

The Q-Touch Network

The Q-Touch Network enables you to control the Q-Touch remote and Q-Touch switches from your smart phone.

At Q-Touch, the mode that we are most proud of is the vacation mode.

It gives you the possibility to program your system to work automatically when you go on vacation or when you are away from the remote. Each day of the week can be programmed with a time-on and time-off event. The program will automatically be repeated every week. You can select one or many switches for each program.

With Q-Touch, you control your electrical system privately and you receive feedback information from any point in your home in real time. You can also connect to your private server from anywhere in the world.