Our Story

The story of Service Ultratronic

Service Ultratronic Inc. was founded in 2011, in Quebec, Canada, to provide electronic manufacturing services to companies across Canada and the United States.

Our company has grown so much since our beginning, and we have been fortunate enough to help many people realize their projects through our expertise. We had to move several times to a larger location in order to accomodate our growth. Today we are located in the industrial area of Brossard, Quebec, a part of the Greater Montreal Area. Our new location allows us to accommodate our growing workforce and production line.

Our primary goal is to provide all of our clients, in the shortest possible time, the highest quality products at reasonable prices.

Our technicians and engineers have over 14 years of experience in the field, and our company is certified IPC-A-610D. We provide a wide range of services, such as complete design of circuits, turnkey key service assembly, surface mount, robotic or manual, wave soldering, and manual soldering.

The Story of Q-Touch

Q-Touch started as a very simple idea around a table as we were brainstorming about what kind of product we could create for ourselves. We had already been in operation for many years, producing other people’s projects and just had the desire to create something of our own, combining our expertise and creativity.

In the first brainstorming session, we thought about the light switches in our homes, how old that technology was and how little it had evolved in the last 40 years. Our first idea was to create a more evolved lightswitch that would have leds, a touch sensor and be ready for our times.

So we built that switch 2 years ago and after doing some research and some more brainstorming, we thought that there was a missing element for us to create an completely extraordinary product. Our first version was an on/off switch, so we added a dimmer function and we started thinking about an RF module in order to be able to control the switch from a remote.

So we built the remote, integrated a touch sensor in it and included an RF module in the switch and the remote so they could communicate. That was our 3rd version.

But we did not stop there. We wanted another upgrade, since everyone uses a smartphone, we wanted people to be able to control the switches and the remote control from their smartphone, so we built a server in a box that integrated wifi and RF capabilities.