What is the capacity of Q-Touch module and voltage range?

Q-Touch module can feed a load for a maximum 500 A between 120 and 347 V.

What is the learn mode on Q-Touch remote software?

Q-Touch Module and a Switch button on the Q-Touch Remote software are coupled due to Learn mode operation.

How can I charge my Q-Touch remote battery?

Q-Touch Remote has a Universal Micro USB connector that has to be plugged to a 5V adapter or USB OUTPUT for charge.

What can I get as feedback if the Q-Touch module cannot be reached by the remote?

An error response appears in red in the feedback bar of the Remote screen. SELECT ALL button can help you to find the unreached Modules by the remote.

What can happen if I connect too many switch buttons of the remote list to one module?

When you do this, all this button can be connected to the same switch by the same way. But only on Module can be connected to a switch button.

Do I have to update the real time clock every time I want to make a change in vacation mode?

The Real Time Clock in the Q-Touch Remote will automatically update every time you touch a switch on the screen. But if the battery was completely drained, RTC has to be updated before going to vacation mode. Keep in mind to check it before.

After Select switch on the remote if I go to the Configuration page and I use cancel button for back, I find the switch is still selected. How to remove selection? I need to use Sync button…

There are two states for the configuration pages: Configuration with a button selected and without select.

If any button is selected on the list, in the configuration page you can find the SYNC button, ADD button and PROGRAM button. In the other case you will find Rename button instead off Sync button.

To unselect a button switch, you need to use OK and not cancel button. Or go to help page and use BACK button. Cancel button bring you to the list page with the selected button and feedback value.

What can be happen if the T-OFF is less then T-ON in the vacation mode schedule?

As noted in the manual, only one event can be set during a day in the vacation mode. But if T-OFF is less then T-ON, the T-ON will be done in the same day in your schedule day position, but the T-OFF time operation will be done the next day. So if you want to make an OFF before ON in your vacation mode, T-OFF will be set one day before and T-ON in the same day.

How to exit program page of the Remote? No cancel or exit button.

Try to touch anywhere on the screen area out of the two existing buttons.

How can I save my data base if my remote battery is empty?

Q-Touch Remote has a flash memory saving all the list of switches and their connection, only what you need to update is the Real Time Clock and the vacation mode.

The vacation mode will be lost in the Remote but not in the Q-Touch Module.

What is the Q-Touch Network?

Q-Touch Network device is used to give you the option to control your system using your PC, Mobile or tablet by a Web Page Interface.

What is PUTTY?

Putty is a Universal safe application that you need to connect your PC to the Q-Touch Network device and making the required configurations. Such as Change password, create internet account, etc.

What is the synchronize page my web page interface?

Synchronize page is used to get the data base about the list of switches from Q-Touch Remote and save it on your Q-Touch Network device.

How far can I use my mobile with the web interface?

For local connection it can be used as far as your mobile can reach your Wi-Fi network.

Over internet it can be used from anywhere you have internet connection.