The Q-Touch home automation system

Q-Touch is a wireless home automation system using modern Switches or dimmers based
on a capacitive touch pad and remotely controlled by RF commands. It enables you to control
the lighting system with Q-Touch Dimmers or Switches that have been installed in your house.


Home automation in the palm of your hand

The Q-Touch home automation system is composed of touch sensitive switches and dimmers, a Q-Touch remote that sends and receives data by wireless commands and a Q-Touch Network that enables you to control the lights in your home from your mobile phone. With a capacity of 500 watts and 347 volts, the Q-Touch automation system can also be used to control other appliances in your home.

Small device best features for your Home

Q-Touch remote and Q-Touch switches from your smart phone



Touch pad


Remotely controlled

schedule controlled


Super Simple. Super Quick.

The easy to install Light Switches don’t require any electrical changes in your house. It’s as simple as plug and play.

Your own private connection.

With Q-Touch, you control your electrical system privately and you receive feedback information from any point in your home in real time.


Wireless freedom from anywhere

The Q-Touch Wi-Fi Network enables you to control the Q-Touch switches via the Q-Touch remote and antenna or a dynamic web page from your smartphone, tablet or any computer browser. You can also connect to your private server from anywhere in the world. There is even a vacation mode that gives you the possibility to program your system to work automatically when you go on vacation or when you are away from the remote.

Q-touch 01

What People are Saying

Don’t just take our word for it! We think Q-Touch is the best Home Automation System you will ever use and we are proud to share these reviews with you.

  • I’m fascinated by the Touch system on the lightswitch and the fact that I can control the lights in my house when I’m on vacation!

    Carole Nadeau
    owner of
  • I’m so excited about the possibilities offered by Qtouch and can’t wait to install the first production model in my house!

    Stephan Dastous
    works at image brothers

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